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Energy Audit BC

for Renovations

Planning a renovation?

You might need an energy audit.


Do I need an energy audit?

There are many reasons why you might need an energy audit for your renovation. Here are a few:

How do I get an energy audit?

An energy audit, also known as an EnerGuide evaluation or home energy assessment, is a standardized measure of your home's energy efficiency. The measurement is a service provided by an energy advisor.

An energy evaluation can provide an in-depth look at your home performance. Find air leaks with a blower-door test, fix weak points & receive a personalized retrofit roadmap.

Book your energy audit before you begin retrofits to qualify for rebates & a new interest-free loan from the Government of Canada.

Call 604-629-8300 or use our webform to book your EnerGuide evaluation with a registered energy advisor.


How does it work?

An energy audit or EnerGuide evaluation is a multi-step process. Here's how it works:​

  1. The advisor will visit your home to conduct the audit, which typically takes 2 hours.

    • They will need access to your home, attic and mechanical room.

  2. The advisor documents the geometry of your home, as well as your insulation levels, windows and mechanical equipment.

  3. The advisor conducts a blower-door test to measure the airtightness of your home.

  4. After leaving your home, the advisor creates a computer model of your home's energy performance.

    • They will then provide you with a performance report.

    • You will receive custom recommendations for how to improve efficiency.

Call 604-629-8300 or use our webform to book your EnerGuide evaluation with a registered energy advisor.

What is a blower-door test?

A blower-door test is a way to measure the air-tightness of your house: it's a test for how much outdoor air leaks into your home.

The test involves a large blower fan, placed in your doorway. As the fan is pulls air out of your home, the energy advisor can measure how much outdoor air is entering the home through the walls, windows, ceiling, etc.

Airtightness is critical in determining overall performance, so blower-door test are a part of every EnerGuide evaluation. The test can also be performed as a stand-alone service. All blower-door tests should be performed by a certified energy advisor. 


Call 604-629-8300 or use our webform to book your blower-door test with a registered energy advisor.

Preparing for an
energy audit

  • Existing plans

Floor plans are not required, but they improve accuracy and reduce time on site. Either a PDF or a hard copy can be used.

  • Sweep out wood burning fireplace

This helps us to avoid sucking in ash and soot into your home during the assessment.

  • Ensure Access

Make sure the advisor can access your attic, heating equipment and crawlspaces.

  • Masking

Consider wearing a mask when with an advisor. Your advisor will be masked for the duration of the evaluation.

For details, visit the official NRCan website. 

Preparing for audit

City of Vancouver

Renovation Energy Upgrade Proposal Checklist

City of Vancouver's Building Bylaw requires anyone completing renovations over $20,000 to get an EnerGuide home evaluation from a Certified Energy Advisor (CEA) as part of the REUP program.

If you need an EnerGuide home evaluation to secure your City of Vancouver renovation permit, contact us for a quote.

Call 604-629-8300 or use our webform to book your evaluation with a certified energy advisor.

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