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With the new federal program announced the demand for energy advisor services is growing. specializes in new and existing homes.

Make a career in energy efficient housing with

If you are someone looking to make a positive impact on the environment at the beginning or midpoint of your career we want to hear from you.

Currently hiring for Certified Advisor in Training (CAT)

Certified Advisor in Training (CAT)

Being a CAT with is a full time position.

The training and learning curve can be fit to your pace but we are not hiring for part time employment at this time. With our training and mentoring program you get paid as soon as you have a handle on our system. We are looking for people who put in the time to learn the ropes in adjacent to real-time training and work experience.

If you are Certified with NRCan or moving through the examination process you will be familiar with the demands of Energy Advising. We welcome all applicants with NRCan Certification or who are already enrolled in existing training programs.

However, even if your journey to an energy advisor certification has not yet begun we are also looking for passionate, dedicated people with the following backgrounds:

  • Mechanical or Civil Engineering (BA / M.Eng)

    • Recent graduates are welcome to apply​

  • Certification course in building based courses and programs (College level)

    • Recent graduates are welcome to apply​​

  • Home Inspections (ASTT / CAHPI / CanNACHI)

  • Trades (new construction and existing home renovations)

With opportunities in new and existing homes your journey with will be varied and flexible. The best part is, there will always be room to grow.

Skills you need to have:

  • Ability to think in 3D

  • Organized

  • Efficient on a computer

Even if you are not yet familiar with the existing NRCan EnerGuide program we truly believe the right people will have no problem using our tools and getting up to speed quickly.

With high demand for work and solid positions available we are taking applicants seriously, if you are selected for an interview we will notify you via email.

If you want to work with us please send your Resume and CV to

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