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Energy Advisors
North Vancouver

Step Code for new homes.

Government grants for renovations.

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North Vancouver Step Code

Getting ready for a building permit? 

North Vancouver municipalities require up to three Step Code reports, all of which are provided by an energy advisor:

  • Pre-construction compliance report (required for permit application)

  • Mid-construction blower door airtightness test report

  • As-built compliance report

Not sure what's required? The District of North Vancouver and the City of North Vancouver have very similar Step Code requirements:

  • Step 3 for new homes with electric mechanical equipment (typically a heat pump)

  • Step 5 for new homes with fossil fuel  heating and hot water.


For more information on how to meet Step 3, see our Step 3 Requirements page.

If you're ready to move your project forward, contact our team. Whether you need compliance reports or tradeoff analysis, our pricing is always competitive.

Get quote for Step Code: 

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Step Code

Municipal Top-Up for Heat Pump
North Vancouver

North Vancouver municipalities are offering up to $2,000 in rebates for heat pumps through the municipal top-up program. Combined with the BC & Federal rebates, you could be eligible for over $13,000 in rebates for heat pumps.

Municipal Top-Up for City and District of North Vancouver:


Explore over $20,000 in rebates for the Province of British Columbia


Qualify for up to

$5,600 in grants from the Government of Canada


Secure an interest-free government loan of up to $40,000 for renovations


North Van Energy Advisors

We help homeowners qualify for grants and rebates, including the Greener Homes Grant and Greener Homes Loan.

To qualify, you'll need an energy audit, also known as an EnerGuide evaluation, delivered by an NRCan-registered energy advisor.


You must book your evaluation before work begins to be eligible.


Greener Homes Grant

The Canada Greener Homes Grant is providing up to 700,000 grants of up to $5,000 to homeowners making energy efficient retrofits to their homes.

Not all renovations are covered under this program, ensure that your renovation plans are covered in their list of eligible retrofits.

Successfully completing at least one eligible grant in the Federal program as well as a pre and post energy evaluation will qualify you for up to $600 from the federal government to pay for your energy evaluation services. 

In BC the existing CleanBC Better Homes BC program offers additional opportunities for homeowners. Homeowners completing both a pre and post EnerGuide will be able to claim an additional $300 for their energy evaluation ($200 for pre and $100 for post.) At this point in time all provincial rebates must be claimed independently through CleanBC.


In summary, there are up to $900 in rebates to pay for energy evaluations of qualifying homeowners in BC who follow through the federal grant and provincial rebate programs.

To qualify you must receive a pre and post energy evaluation as well as complete a minimum of one eligible grant in the Federal Program. The home must also be your primary residence and eligible for an evaluation.

What does this mean for your renovation? More resources from the federal government to pay for high efficiency retrofits. The grant value of each upgrade is in addition to CleanBC's existing rebate program but the conditions and applications must be met independently. Read more about CleanBC rebates below.

Don't miss out on thousands in rebates, get your EnerGuide evaluation before starting your renovation.


Get Started Today:


Through Greener Homes:

  1. Create an account for Greener Homes here

  2. Begin a new application

  3. Select as your service provider

  4. You will be contacted shortly

    • Please note due to increased demand you may have to book your evaluation 2-3 months ahead ​


Call 604-629-8300, or use our online form


BC Rebates

Rebates are available through the Home Renovation Rebate and Efficiency BC Program, administered by BC Hydro, Fortis BC and the Province of BC.

To qualify for individual rebates, homeowners do not require an EnerGuide energy evaluation from a Certified Energy Advisor (CEA) however an EnerGuide is required for the federal program. 

The Home Energy Improvement Bonus is a rebate of $750 to $2000 for installing three or more eligible energy upgrades. To qualify for this bonus rebate, homeowners must get pre- and post-upgrade EnerGuide home energy evaluations from a certified energy advisor. Click here for details.​

If you are interested in the Home Energy Improvement Bonus rebate requiring pre- and post-retrofit EnerGuide home energy evaluations from a certified energy advisor, would be pleased to provide you with a quote for the required energy evaluations. 

Get EnerGuide home evaluation: 

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Greener Homes

$40,000 interest-free loan for Langley renovations from

Government of Canada

Book an energy advisor to qualify.

Registered Energy Advisors

All low-rise residential

 BC Building Code


$5,600 in grants for Langley renovations from

Government of Canada

Book an energy advisor to secure up to $5600 in rebates.

Registered Energy Advisors


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All Rebates
BC & Federal Grants

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