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Income Qualified

Get up to $24,000
for Heat Pumps

CleanBC Income Qualified Program

Better Homes Energy Savings Program

The CleanBC Better Homes Energy Savings Program is offering income-qualified rebates for upgrading to a heat pump:

  • Air-source heat pumpup to $16,000

  • Electrical Service Upgrade: up to $5,000

  • Top-up for Northern residents: up to $3,000

  • Heat pump hot water heater: to be announced

The full amounts are only available to homes heated with gas, oil or propane, but a $5,000 rebate will be offered for homes with electric baseboards.

Rebates for other upgrades, including insulation, windows & doors, and ventilation will be announced soon.


The program is launching on June 18, 2024. See below for eligibility details, income requirements, and information about the Greener Homes Loan.

Income Requirements

Rebate amounts are based on the combined income of all adults in the home home, as well as the number of people that live in your home, including adults and children.

Income Qualifications

Number of people living in your home
Income Level 1
Income Level 2
Income Level 3
1 person
2 persons
3 persons
4 persons
5 persons
6 persons
7 or more persons

Eligible Rebate Amounts (Heat Pump Installations)

Heat Pump Rebate
Income Level 1
Income Level 2
Income Level 3
Heat Pump
Up to $16,000 (100% coverage)
Up to $12,000 (100% coverage)
Up to $10,500 (100% coverage)
Electrical Service Upgrade
Northern Top Up
Up to $3,000
Up to $3,000
Up to $3,000
Up to $24,000
Up to $18,500
Up to $15,000
Income Requirements

Additional Requirements

Requirements for the home

You must live in an eligible home:

  • The property must be a year-round primary residence, that is at least 12 months old.

  • For income levels 1 and 2, your property must have an assessed value below $1,230,000 in the BC Assessment at the time of program registration.

  • If you meet the income threshold of any of the levels, but your home's assessed value is over $1,230,000, you can enter the program in income level 3.

  • The home must be one of the following types of residential buildings:

    • Single-family home (detached dwelling).

    • Secondary suite in a single-family home (detached dwelling), with its own separate utility meter.

    • Mobile home on permanent foundation.

    • Duplex, triplex, row home or townhome.

  • If you currently rent your home, you will need a landlord consent form to accompany your application.

  • You must have a residential utility account with FortisBC, BC Hydro, or a municipal utility.

  • You must pay your own energy utility bills. Utility accounts must be in the name of the resident and/or homeowner; utility accounts in the name of a strata corporation or landlord are not eligible.

  • You must pre-register and receive an eligibility code before completing the upgrade.

  • The home must be primarily heated by one of the following:

    • natural gas, propane or oil

    • electricity

    • wood or other solid fuels.

Requirements for your contractor

The upgrades must be installed:

  • By an Income Qualified Program Registered Contractor who is approved to install home upgrades for the program, for the trade applicable to the upgrade being installed (e.g. Insulation must be installed by a licensed residential insulation contractor).

Requirements for the upgrades

  • You must pre-register and receive an eligibility code before completing the upgrade.

  • Rebates cannot exceed the cost on the invoice and the paid cost of the upgrade.

  • Rebates can only be claimed up to the maximum rebate amounts per measure.

  • Each upgrade must meet specific program requirements (to be announced).


Does my existing fuel type affect my rebate?

Yes, your existing fuel type impacts your rebate amount. The maximum rebate is applied when converting from natural gas, propane, or oil. Smaller rebates will be available for homes heated with electricity and/or solid fuel.

How does my home's value impact my eligibility?

To get the maximum rebate, your home's assessed value must be under $1,230,000. If your home is over the threshold, you can only receive the rebate for Income Level 3.

Are there requirements for choosing a contractor?

Yes, you will need to use an Income Qualified Program Registered Contractor who is approved to install home upgrades for the program.

Is there any financing available?

The federal government is offering an interest-free loan of up to $40,000 for renovations through the Greener Homes Loan program. This offer can be combined with CleanBC's Better Homes Energy Savings Program.

$40,000 Interest-Free
Greener Homes Loan


Interest-free loans of up to $40,000 are available from the Government of Canada to help homeowners pay for the cost of renovations.


The Canada Greener Homes Loan works alongside the existing provincial rebate programs.

With a 10 year, interest-free repayment term, homeowners may opt in to the loan when pursuing retrofits like insulation, heat pumps, solar panels, and more.

Energy advisors play a key part in the delivery of the loan.

Booking an energy evaluation is a requirement to qualify for the loan.

How can we help?

Interested in combining provincial rebates with the new

federal loan?


Get in touch for more information and how to get qualified.

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