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Solar Panels BC

Get up to $5,000
Greener Homes Grant


for Solar Panels

Solar Grants

The Greener Homes Grant helps you pay for your photovoltaic system, including:

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Greener Homes Grant


Solar Panel System

Panels must be purchased from a Canadian distributor

Grant is prorated, meaning 3.5kW = $3500

Solar Panels

Minimum capacity: 1.0kW DC

  • Install one or more photovoltaic panels (and inverter if required)

    • $1,000 per kW


Battery Storage

Must be combined with another upgrade

  • Install batteries connected to solar panels

    • $1,000


For details, see government website​

Solar Panels


Does it have to be on the roof of my main house?

No, Solar panels can be mounted on the house or ground, as long as they are on the property / land of the house associated with your application.

If I have an existing solar array am I ineligible?

No, homeowners adding additional panels are eligible for the same rebate based on new capacity.

Do I have to be off-grid to qualify?

No, both types of systems qualify for the rebate. In BC, net-metering is a great way to efficiently stay connected to the grid.

Can I claim solar I added before booking an energy evaluation?

No, booking an energy evaluation is a requirement for any federal rebate or loan.


Photovoltaic system: one or more solar panels combined with an inverter and/or other equipment.

Kilowatt (kW): a unit of power. For solar panels, a kW rating indicates output capacity at peak sunlight.

Inverter: also known as a solar or photovoltaic inverter, it converts the DC current generated by the solar panels to the AC current used in a household.


How to Apply
Greener Homes Grant


Confirm eligibility

Use the official criteria, or by speaking with our team.

Step 1

Create your application

Begin your online application here

  1. Select as your service provider to conduct the EnerGuide evaluation.

  2. Provide your property tax roll number & your government ID


Tip: your tax roll number can be found on BC Assessment.

Step 2

Book your evaluation

Once you have selected you are automatically added to our waitlist.

If you have finished creating your application you are ready to book your in-person energy evaluation

We will also contact you directly once your application appears in our waitlist.

Step 3

Pre-retrofit EnerGuide home evaluation

You must complete a pre-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation before beginning the retrofits to be eligible for the grant.

An energy advisor performs the pre-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation, to measure the efficiency of your home. The evaluation is in-person and takes 1-2 hours. The advisor can provide upgrade guidance at this time.

Step 4

Optional: Interest-free loan

A $40,000 interest-free loan from the Government of Canada to help pay for your renovation. For more information, see Greener Homes Loan.

Step 4B

Retrofit your home

After the pre-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation is complete, you will be provided a report with the results and our recommendations. After review, you can decide which retrofits work best for you.

Step 5

Post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation

Book a post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation, and submit the required documents online or by mail. Once complete, your new EnerGuide label will show you how much more energy-efficient your home has become.

Step 6

Request and receive your grant

You will be asked to confirm your total grant amount, which will cover part of your retrofits cost and the cost of the energy advisor. After confirmation, you will receive a cheque by mail within 30 business days.

Step 7

For details, see government website​

How to Apply

$40,000 Interest-Free
Greener Homes Loan


Interest-free loans of up to $40,000 are available from the Government of Canada to help homeowners pay for the cost of retrofits.


The Canada Greener Homes Loan works alongside the Greener Homes Grant program.

With a 10 year, interest-free repayment term, homeowners may opt in to the loan when pursuing retrofits like insulation, heat pumps, solar panels, and more.

Energy advisors play a key part in the delivery of the loan.

Booking an energy evaluation is a requirement to qualify for the loan.

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