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Townhouse services

Rebates for townhomes

The Greener Homes Grant incentive introduced by the federal government makes grants up to $5000 available for homeowners to help pay for the cost of energy efficient retrofits.

Energy advisors play a key part in the delivery of this rebate. Booking an energy evaluation is a requirement to qualify for the rebate.

Qualifying upgrades for the rebate include windows, doors, attic insulation and heat pumps. See full list here

These grants are only available to homeowners who have had an energy assessment on their home before the renovation begins.

Every eligible townhouse unit can qualify for the full amount and may be entitled to both the $5000 rebate and up to a $40,000 loan. This can equal many thousands in rebates if a complex is undertaking a large project (e.g. windows), or if many homeowners are doing a simultaneous upgrade (e.g. replacing baseboards with a heat pump).

Across the province there are hundreds of projects being completed right now that qualify for this rebate but have not booked an evaluation beforehand. Let us guide you through the process to ensure you maximize the rebates available for every resident.

You can read more about the rebates available here

Tell us about your project: 

By phone: 604-629-8300 


Our booking agent would be happy to: 

  • Walk through available rebates

  • Give a quote for your project

  • Book a Q&A with an energy advisor

Group bookings

Our goal at is to make booking evaluations as easy as possible. Every homeowner needs to sign up separately for the grant program but the evaluations are booked simultaneously.

When you are ready, we will reach out to interested homeowners to collect details and provide instructions about sign up.

Completing the evaluations will likely be done over the course of a few days. The time required on site will depend on availability, number of units desiring an evaluation and access requirements (i.e. homeowner wants to be in attendance).

We offer discount rates for booking in groups. The exact amount depends on the complexity of construction and number of units. Your booking agent can confirm the total quote once you have an idea of the number of interested units and had a chance to send over any available building plans.

About us has been delivering energy advisor services since long before the beginning of the Greener Homes Grant. 

We help homeowners maximize rebates and energy efficiency on projects both large and small. We promise to deliver excellent customer service before, during, and after the evaluation. logo - LARGE.PNG
Group bookings
Greener Homes Grant
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